richard morecroft

General Biography

Richard Morecroft is best known for his two decades as the 7 o'clock news presenter for ABC Television, taking the reins when the legendary James Dibble retired (James started reading TV news in 1956 - the year Richard was born). Before moving to Sydney in 1982, Richard was presenter of the current affairs programme Nationwide in South Australia, conducting a wide range of studio interviews as well as making film reports.

In addition to his role in news and current affairs, Richard was frequently involved in other national broadcasting projects, covering a range from radio and TV educational programmes to election-night specials. Richard is particularly remembered for his years as host of the programme watched by every schoolchild in the country, Behind the News - BTN.

After 20 years of nightly TV news, Richard decided in 2001 it was time for more variety in his professional life - as well as making a big move with his partner Alison Mackay to a bush property three hours south of Sydney. With his base in Jervis Bay, Richard has taken the opportunity to pursue his long-time fascination with landscape photography. One of his recent exhibitions was launched by Peter Garrett and can be seen online here at precinct galleries His interest in the arts is also reflected in his appointment to the Board of Bundanon - the creative centre donated to the nation by the late Arthur Boyd.

The creative side of life is balanced by continuing media-related activity. Working with the Saxton Speakers Bureau, Richard travels around the country as a master of ceremonies, panel and forum facilitator and media skills executive trainer. The onstage interview has become Richard's trademark, with his guest list ranging from comedic genius John Cleese, through business leaders like James Strong, to sporting legends of the calibre of John Eales and Keiran Perkins.

Richard has always had a strong interest in wildlife and the environment and for several years hosted Richard Morecroft Goes Wild! - a weekly national wildlife programme for the ABC. Richard was involved with the production of several films through the ABC's Natural History Unit, one of which, Raising Archie, about a young flying-fox, won two ATOM awards. (Archie the flying-fox became famous for being tucked inside Richard's shirt while he read the news). Richard has also narrated numerous other wildlife documentaries. He has been a long-time trustee of the World-wide Fund for Nature (WWF), is a patron of WIRES (the Wildlife Information and Rescue Service), a Governor of the Taronga Zoo Foundation and one of the Directors of the Zoological Parks Board of NSW.

Richard has written two best-selling books on wildlife... Raising Archie and A Natural Selection and is co-author with partner Alison Mackay of several books including Wolves of the Sea and Pool and more recently Impossible Pets and Zoo Album for children. Richard and Alison also wrote the chapter on prominent Australian artist Fred Cress for the book Unfinished Journey. Richard's hilarious bestseller 20 Years from the Waist Up is a look at the lighter side of broadcasting.

Richard and Alison are regular travel feature writers and photographers for South Coast Style and South Coaster magazines and enjoy many outdoor adventures together - including windsurfing, rock-climbing, scuba-diving and sea-kayaking.